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Geomechanica develops geomechanical simulation software (Irazu) and provides simulation-aided consulting services for rock engineering applications as well as rock mechanics laboratory testing services.

These applications include hydraulic fracturing (fracking), assessment of excavation damaged zone around underground openings, and rock slope and dam stability. Read more on the Services page.

Geomechanica’s Irazu simulation software and consulting services will be used to monitor, optimize, and assess:

Meet our team leaders

Omid Mahabadi (Geomechanics), PhD

Omid holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto specializing in computational geomechanics. He uses his knowledge of rock mechanics and numerical modelling by means of hybrid continuum-discontinuum numerical methods to analyze phenomena involving rock fracturing. Omid loves the outdoors, camping, skiing, photography, and travelling. Read Omid's blog posts.

Andrea Lisjak (Tunnel & HF), PhD

Andrea holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto specializing in computational geomechanics. His area of expertise is the development and use of hybrid continuum-discontinuum numerical methods to investigate failure processes in brittle rocks, in particular rock micro-seismicity and damage development around deep underground excavations. He enjoys travelling and triathlon training. Read Andrea's blog posts.

Bryan Tatone (R&D), PhD

Bryan holds a PhD degree in civil engineering from the University of Toronto specializing in a combination of experimental and computational geomechanics. His area of expertise is rock discontinuity roughness and shear behaviour, which he has studied with micro-CT imaging and the application of hybrid continuum-discontinuum numerical methods. Bryan enjoys mountain biking, playing ice hockey, and heading to the cottage on the weekend with his family. Read Bryan's blog posts.

Daniel Lister (HPC), MASc

Daniel holds a masters degree in theory of distributed computing from the University of Toronto. He is currently applying his knowledge of parallel algorithms to Irazu. Outside of work his hobbies include gaming, game development, cycling, and uni-cycling.

Liqiang He (GPGPU Dev), PhD

Liqiang holds a PhD degree in computer architecture from the Institute of Computing Technology, Chinese Academy of Science. His research interests include computer architecture and parallel computing. He has published more than 30 papers in these areas. Currently, he uses his knowledge of parallel computing to build Irazu. Liqiang likes reading, swimming, and cycling.


We enjoy consultation with a wide variety of professional advisors ranging from university professors and researchers to experts in mathematical and physical modelling.


Geomechanica's engineering simulations are based on an advanced hybrid finite-discrete element (FDEM or FEMDEM) software, known as Irazu. Irazu simulation software is a numerical code which combines principles of continuum mechanics with discrete element algorithms to simulate multiple interacting deformable and fracturing bodies. A unique feature of this technique is its capability to capture the transition of a solid from a continuous to a discontinous state by directly simulating fracturing and fragmentation processes.

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Key features

  • Explicit time integration scheme
  • Continuum behaviour governed by linear elastic constitutive laws
  • Fracturing of intact material captured by strain-softening cohesive elements
  • Pre-existing discontinuities for jointed media
  • Elastic and strength heterogeneity for inhomogenous solids
  • Modulus and strength anisotropy for bedded rocks
  • Fully dynamic solver with non-reflecting boundaries for wave simulation

Advanced features

  • Multistage excavation with modulus reduction technique and liner installation
  • Microseismic monitoring function
  • Dynamic fluid pump model with adaptive pressure boundary for hydraulic fracturing
  • Discrete fracture network (DFN) capability


    Geomechanica is committed to Research & Development and our staff have a strong track record in technical publishing. Please feel free to contact us if you need any of the documents below.