Introducing: Laboratory Testing Services
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We are excited to announce a new business activity for Geomechanica: rock laboratory testing services. Geomechanica’s personnel have extensive rock laboratory testing experience, which enabled Geomechanica to begin offering rock testing services in 2015. These services provide clients with the data needed for the design and analyses of various civil and mining engineering projects.

From weak shales to hard crystalline rocks, Geomechanica offers a full array of standard rock mechanics laboratory testing services, including:

  • Uniaxial compression testing
  • Triaxial compression testing
  • Brazilian disc testing
  • Direct shear testing
  • Slake durability testing
  • Cerchar abrasivity testing
  • Point load testing

Email us at or call us at +1-647-478-9767 for more information about our testing capabilities or to request a brochure.

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