Introducing Geomechanica: Lassonde Institute PhD Graduates Pursue Entrepreneurship in Rock Mechanics
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Geomechanica’s Dr. Andrea Lisjak and Dr. Omid Mahabadi were recently interviewed by the Lassonde Institute of Mining of the University of Toronto. In this interview, we discussed our endeavours in founding Geomechanica and developing our state-of-the-art geomechanical simulation software, Irazu.

“Three Lassonde Institute of Mining PhD graduates— Andrea Lisjak (CivE PhD 2013), Omid Mahabadi (CivE PhD 2012), and Bryan Tatone (CivE PhD 2014) —have combined rock mechanics, computer science, and entrepreneurship in Geomechanica, a three-pronged startup company that develops geomechanical simulation software and provides rock-engineering consulting and rock mechanics laboratory testing services. Their software, Irazu, which launched commercially in December 2015, is a state-of-the art rock mechanics simulation tool that offers a fast, unique method to model mine operations.”

You can read the full interview at: link

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